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Alegria, M. Programme: Support for the Improvement of Environmental Management in Latin America and the Caribbean. Technical Report.

Anon., Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area Management Plan Edition V 2006-2010. Technical Report.

Authority, Coastal Zone Management The National Integrated Coastal Zone Management Strategy for Belize. Technical Report.

Authority, Coastal Zone Management Preserving Belizean Heritage: Goff's Caye. An Educational Guide for Resource Users. UNSPECIFIED.


Blakesley, Howard L. Fishing Potential of the Queen Conch, Strombus gigas L., in the Coastal Waters of Belize. Technical Report.


Carter, J. and Sedberry, G.R. The Design, Function and Use of Marine Fishery Reserves as Tools for the Management and Conservation of the Belize Barrier Reef. Technical Report.

Chérubin, L.M. and Kuchinke, C. and Paris, C.B. and Kool, J. Dynamics of Buoyant Matter in the Meso- American Region Reefs from Analysis of SeaWiFs Data and a High Resolution Numerical Simulation. [Other peer-reviewed publication]


Gillett, V. Institutionalizing element of the Convention on Biological Diversity in the Belize Integrated Coastal Zone Management Program. Technical Report.


Koltes, Karen H. and Tschirky, John J. and Feller, Ilka C. Carrie Bow Cay, Belize. [Other peer-reviewed publication]


Lavender, S. and Nunny, R. and Tillett, D. and Kirkwood, D. and Miller, A.J. and Moore, G. and Cook, J. Monitoring of the Belizean coastal zone using satellite ocean colour imagery. [Other peer-reviewed publication]


McField, M. and Kramer, Patricia R. The Healthy Mesoamerican Reef Ecosystem Initiative: a Conceptual Framework for Evaluating Reef Ecosystem Health. [Other peer-reviewed publication]

Mumby, Peter J. and Harborne, A. R. Classification Scheme for Marine Habitats of Belize. Technical Report.


Sale, P.F. and Chavez, E. A. and Hatcher, B. G. and Mayfield, C. and Ciborowski, J, J. H. CONSERVATION AND SUSTAINABLE USE OF THE MESOAMERICAN BARRIER REEF SYSTEM (MBRS) IN MÉXICO, BELIZE, GUATEMALA AND HONDURAS: Guidelines for Developing a Regional Monitoring and Environmental Information System. [Other peer-reviewed publication]

Sedberry, G.R. and Carter, J. and Barrick, P.A. A Comparison of Fish Communities Between Protected and Unprotected Areas of the Belize Reef Ecosystem: Implications for Conservation and Management. [Other peer-reviewed publication]

Silver, Scott C. Jaguar Conservation Program’s Initial Response Protocol for Problem Felids. Wildlife Conservation Society.

Smith, Greg The Population Structure of the Central American River Turtle, Dermatemys mawii, of the Sibun River Between Gracie Rock and Ferguson Bank. Technical Report.

Smith, Gregory W. Survey for Feeding Areas of Manatee (Trichechus manatus) Utilizing the Manatee Special Development Area. Technical Report.


Weil, E. Caribbean Coral reef Diseases, Status, and Research Needs. Technical Report.

West, J.M. Environmental Determinants Of Resistance To Coral Bleaching: Implications For Management Of Marine Protected Areas. Technical Report.

Williams, Tanya Fishers Perception of Marine Protected Areas in Belize. Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute.

Woods, Richard L. Environmental Study of the Basil Jones Area (In the Vicinity of the Shrimp Hatchery. Report of Sea and Island Research (An Independent Subsiduary of the Hydroxy Group). Technical Report.

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