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    This report is submitted to the Belize Electricity Board as a first draft of field research carried out at various sites along the Macal River in an effort to evaluate habitat for the feasibility study of the hydroelectric project. This report is made up of specialty sections, each prepared by specialist members of the team, and a summary. Each section includes all tables and literature citations used. Field research was carried out by a team of seven people, covering vertebrates and invertebrate indicator species. The field time varied due to logistics of getting to and from the various camps. Field work began February 10 and continued through February 20, 1992. The team was made up of Jan Meerman, lepidoptera, and incidental herptiles; Tineke Boomsma, lepidoptera and odonata; John Measey, odonata, lepidoptera and incidental herptiles; Bill Clark, mammals; Carolyn Miller, birds; Gabrielle Renshaw, graduate assistant, birds & small mammals; Bruce Miller, team leader, volant vertebrates; birds and bats. The first scheduled field day for the vertebrate team was lost due to BEB logistical problems. It is understood that all biological data may be retained by the team specialists for publication in refereed journals and that specific portions of this report which pertain to the hydro-electric project per se, are privileged and restricted in nature and copies of this report will only be provided to the Government of Belize and the Belize Electricity Board. Whereas Martin Meadows was brought in to survey the vegetation and provide BEB with vegetation data it was not necessary for our team to do vegetation surveys as was originally discussed. Although it has widely been assumed that the fauna and flora of Belize are well known, this is a relative assumption. On a continuing basis new species, previously unknown to Belize or in some instances species new to science are being discovered. For example during a two week survey of several streams, including the lower Macal near San Ignacio in 1988, five new species of aquatic beetles were discovered, two which were new genera (Spangler in litt.). Miller and Miller (1992 see bird reference section) have recently documented six new species records for birds in Belize. Identifications keys are either inadequate or simply do not exist for many taxa. It therefore should be no surprise that many unidentified species are reported. Many, may be new species records for Belize or new to science. The determination of the status of such specimens will take much longer than the scope of the few months to prepare these final reports. The timing of this field work was based upon joint logistics and the needs of all research teams as well as BEB constraints. In all sections the caveat of time constraints for the field work were expressed. Given the reality of the time available, all members collected as much data as could be expected. When possible, data were compared to other areas in Belize. The phase of the moon also adversely affected the collection of nocturnal taxa, eg. moths, bats and small mammals. It would be realistic to expect increases in collections of these groups during a more favorable phase of the moon. The work accomplished in this report represents descriptive baseline surveys of the taxa in question and inferences are made to habitat and how these might be affected by the establishment of a large impoundment structure down stream form Rubber Camp. No discussion or evaluation is made for any potential power generating stations or transmission lines as we understand this impoundment as currently discussed is solely for impoundment of water to supply and regulate downstream run of the river dams and power generating stations. In spite of Mr. Suhknandan, project director's best efforts, the logistics of getting the team into the Blue Hole Camp area has not yet been scheduled. Final recommendations and conclusions of these surveys will be withheld pending the completion of work at Blue Hole Camp and other potential sites along the Raspaculo perhaps later in 1992. The team is prepared to continue work at these additional sites, given adequate notice to arrange logistics of other existing projects.

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