Additional records of Bauerus dubiaquercus Chiroptera (Vespertilionidae) in Mexico

Juarez G., Julio and Jimenez A, Teresa and Navarro L, Daniel (1988) Additional records of Bauerus dubiaquercus Chiroptera (Vespertilionidae) in Mexico. The Southwestern Naturalist, 33 (3). p. 385.

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    Bauerus dubiaquercus Van Gelder, 1959) was supposed to be distributed in a disjunct pattern several parts of Middle America Van Gelder, 1959; Engstrom and Wilson, 1981; Medellin et al., 1986; Engstrom et al., 1987). Some specimens we have collected substantiate the more or less continuous occurrence of B. dubiaquercus in this part of the Continent. Three adult males MZFC No.991, 992, 993) were collected in Omiltemi 2,300 m), 36 km W Chilpancingo, Guerrero, oil 18 March and 13 April 1985. These specimens were captured in mist-nets that were placed over a narrow stream in it pine-dominated cloud forest at Arroyo Agua Fria. These males appeared to be reproductively ictive with testes 5.1 mm March), 5.0 mm March), and 4.8 mm April) in length. Body and skull measurements mm) are, respectively: total length, 106.0, 110.0, 104.0; length of tail, 49.0, 43.0, 46.0; length of forearm dry including carpals), 48.6, 50.6, 50.5; greatest length of skull, 19.8, 20.5, 20.5; zygomatic breadth, 12.2, 12.9, 12.8; postorbitary constriction, 4.1, 4.0, 4.1; length of maxillary toothrow, 6.6, 7.0, 6.8; breadth of braincase, 8.3, 8.2, 8.3; weight, 14.0, 20.0, 13.0 g. An adult lactating female CIQR0 No.170) was captured inside a Mayan house, 30 km S Felipe Carrillo Puerto 30 in), Quintana Roo on 28 June 1986. No embryos were observed during necropsy. Body and skull measurements mm) are: total lenght of body, 120.0; length of tail, 51.0; length of forearm dry including carpals), 52.1; greatest length of skull, 21.2; zygomatic breadth;, 13.3; postorbital constriction, 4.0; length of maxillary toothrow, 7.2; breadth of braincase, 8.4; weight, 16.0 g. These localities represent the first records for the states of Guerrero and Quintana Roo. The Guerrero record on the Pacific versant is about 670 km southeast of the record in Jalisco Engstrom and Wilson, 1981), and it extends upwards the known elevational range 850 m. The peninsular record from Quinta Roo extends the known distribution of this bat in the Caribbean lowlands northward approximately 285 kin NNE of the closest locality Augustine, Mountain Pine Ridge) in Belize McCarthy, in press) and extends downwards the known elevational range Engstrom et al., 1987) 370 m. The specimens were deposited in the Museo de Zoologia, Facultad de Ciencias, UniversidadnacionalAutonoma de Mexico and the mammal collection of Centro de Investigaciones de Quintana Roo. We followed Engstrom and Wilson 1981) and Martin and Schmidly 1982) for the generic ranking of Bauerus. T. McCarthy and D. Wilson reviewed an earlier draft and offered valuable information. F. Tuz and F. Romero assisted in the field.

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