The National Integrated Coastal Zone Management Strategy for Belize

Authority, Coastal Zone Management The National Integrated Coastal Zone Management Strategy for Belize. Technical Report.

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    The wider purpose of this strategy is to facilitate improved management of coastal resources at a national level in Belize, to ensure economic growth is balanced with sound environmental management. The activities required to achieve this are contributing to Belize’s regional commitments in biodiversity and natural resources management, including the Barrier Reef System that it shares with Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala. The Strategy has four main functions. These are: ! Helping to link the economic potential of the coastal zone with equitable allocation and sustainable use of its resources, while improving the decision-process over the use of these resources. ! Facilitating further appreciation by stakeholders and interest groups of the interdependence between all natural resources and processes, and human interventions in the coastal area of Belize. ! Promoting the scientific understanding that is essential to the setting and maintenance of targets and standards for environmental and natural resources management in the coastal area of Belize. ! Fostering even greater collaboration between all involved parties in the development and management of this complex yet vital national asset. To achieve this, an over-arching goal has been defined, towards which it is anticipated all participants in management and development of the coastal zone will be able to work. This goal is: “To support the allocation, sustainable use and planned development of Belize’s coastal resources through increased knowledge and building of alliances, for the benefit of all Belizeans and the global community” Enhancement of existing laws, regulations, ‘policies’ and guidelines relating to conservation, resource management and development control in the coastal zone are an important part of this Strategy. These will support a coastal area management framework that addresses (a) the need for improved management approaches in locations between, as well as within, Coastal and Marine Protected Areas, and (b) the special requirements for managed development and conservation in the barrier reef region, particularly the cayes.

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