The Belize National Protected Areas System Plan

Belize, MNREI (2005) The Belize National Protected Areas System Plan. Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Industry, Belize.

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    A high proportion of the land and sea resources of Belize are subject to special measures to conserve their intrinsic qualities and their value to society - in other words, they are within protected areas. This network of sites, a natural resource and the various agencies responsible for their administration, has evolved organically over many decades and continues to do so, reflecting changing attitudes and approaches to addressing environmental issues. The level of success, however, has been very variable and there are still calls for additional protected areas. Belize now finds itself at a crossroads: the network represents a wealth of valuable resources but how should it be developed to best effect? And how should it be integrated more effectively with the national economy and its conflicting demands? In October 2003, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, in collaboration with the Minister if Agriculture and Fisheries and the Minister of Tourism, established a Task Force- with high level presentation from the relevant administrative agencies-charged with ensuring that a comprehensive National Protected Areas Policy and Systems Plan was prepared. This document is the end-product of the process. The Constitution is the supreme law of Belize and any other law that is inconsistent with it is considered void. The Constitution states that:- "WHEREAS the the people of Belize requires policies of state which protect and safeguard the unity, freedom, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Belize; which eliminate economic and social privilege and disparity among the citizens of Belize whether by race, colour, creed or sex; which protects the rights of the individual to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; which preserves the right of the individual to the ownership of private property and the right to operate private businesses; which prohibits the exploitation of man by man or the state; which ensures a just system of social security and welfare; which protects the environment; which promotes international peace, security and co-operation among nations, the establishment of a just and equitable international economic and social order in the world with respect for international law and treaty obligations in the dealing among nations..." The National Protected Areas Policy and Systems Plan reflects the Constitution and is founded on the need to ensure that biodiversity conservation becomes an important and integral part of national social and economic development. This guiding principle is to ensure that the potential contribution of the protected areas system to national development and poverty alleviation is maximized, thereby putting it on a sound and rational footing.

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