Fishers Perception of Marine Protected Areas in Belize

Williams, Tanya Fishers Perception of Marine Protected Areas in Belize. Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute.

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    The first MPA was declared in Belize in 1982, ten years later, there are 13 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) comprised of eight marine reserves, and two wildlife sanctuaries, natural monuments, and national parks (Figure 1) These MPAs fall under the National Park Systems Act of 1981 and were established for fisheries management and ecosystem protection, recreational and tourism sites, research and education. Seven of these MPAs are recognized internationally as they lie within the Belize Barrier Reef System, which was named aWorld Heritage Site in 1995. Several of these MPAs ecompass traditional fishing grounds which have fuelled opposition against the establishment of MPAs , specifically marine reserves, by some fishers, who in some cases have spearheaded strong lobbying for de-reservation of some sites. A lack of information, and subsequently the development of misconceptions, is considered to be the major factor fuelling this opposition. Recognizing the importance of an education programme to combat such a perception, the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute and the Marine Protected Areas Working Group in 2001, designed a survey to collect data from fishers to verify if this was indeed a vastly held perception. This is a report on the survey carried out on fishers perception of marine protected areas in Belize. The objective of the questionnaire is to collect information on fishers perception of and attitutes towards MPAs as well as measure their knowledge of MPAs and record their concerns. The resulting data is to be used to design an effective education and communication programme to improve knowledge and influence attitudes and perception. At the conclusion of this process, the areas that need to be addressed will be clearly identified.

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