The Landbird Monitoring Programme at Lamanai, Belize: a preliminary assessment

England, Marcus C. (2000) The Landbird Monitoring Programme at Lamanai, Belize: a preliminary assessment. Cotinga, 13. pp. 32-43.

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    Located along the New River Lagoon c.35 km south of Orange Walk town, the Lamanai Archaeological Reserve and surrounding area is perhaps the best-kept birding secret in Belize—368 species of birds have been recorded in the area. An abundance of diverse habitats, a well-defined study site (the archaeological reserve) and an adjacent research station make Lamanai ideal for ornithological fieldwork. Founded in 1992, the Lamanai Field Research Center (LFRC) supports an array of biological sciences and archaeology projects. Funds for this research come from a combination of outside sources (such as grants for university-related projects) and revenue generated by the Lamanai Outpost Lodge (LOL). The lodge, also constructed in 1992, has previously served as a base of operations in the area for several bird tour companies. In September 1998 the author arrived in Lamanai to begin the first long-term ornithology studies in the area. The purpose of this article is to introduce some of the work being undertaken at Lamanai, present some early findings and initial impressions of this bird-rich area, and foster discussion among the author and other ornithologists on the evolution of this long-term project. It is intended that this paper’s format be similar to a recent analysis of the Hill Bank avifauna by Vallely & Whitman (18) for ease of comparison between these two sites. Taxonomy and nomenclature follow that of the AOU (1).

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