Draft Environmental Report on Belize

Hilty, Stephen L. (1982) Draft Environmental Report on Belize. Technical Report.

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    The remarkable growth of he timber industry and corresponding failure of agriculture to expand until relative recently are vital to an understanding of the environmental problems in Belize. further these factors have cause environmental problems in Belize the are less acute than in neighboring Latin American Countries. For over 200 years exploitation of forest in Belize was the only reason for existence of a British Settlement in central America. Timber was the basis of the economy,and without it the region would have little extraction to colonists. The strong economic base of timber provided little to people to become involved in agriculture. Ultimately the timber industry executed a social as well as an economic influence on the attitudes of laborers, further contributing to a lack of interest in agriculture. By the early part of the twentieth century accessible stand of forest with valuable trees were nearly exhausted and the timber industry began a sharp decline. Consequently, Belize found itself without a viable economic base, insufficient agricultural production to feeds it population, and a very small labor force. Additionally participation in agriculture was discourage by the excessive land speculation of few wealthy owners. Finally, in an effort to encourage development of the agriculture sector, and in order to keep land prices affordable to small landholders, a Rural Land Utilization Tax was introduced in 1966, and followed by the Aliens Landholding Ordinance in 1973. This landmark Legislation was to attract greater participation in agriculture, and if successful it will have a significant impact on land use and the environment.

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