Studer, Ann. A and Schultz, Mathew and Dix, Eric and kurtz, Jenna and Perkins, Diane and Plant, Jordan and McMaster, William, Fix (2007) ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY IN BELIZE. McMaster School For Advancing Humanity, Belize City.

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    McMaster School support for the WATER Project (Water Analysis: Targeting Engagement through Research) began in 2003 with a grant awarded to the faculty of the Division of Science and Mathematics. The grant provided equipment necessary to strategically develop the field skills of Defiance College science students to a level that would facilitate effective undergraduate research. During the 2004–2005 academic year two McMaster fellows and three McMaster scholars were selected to move the project to the international venue of Belize. All developed projects focused on the development of baseline water quality data from within the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area (RBCMA), the 260,000 protected acres that represent about 4% of Belize’s total land area (Programme for Belize 2000–2003). Specifically, the baseline samples were taken from the New River Lagoon and its tributaries and constitute the foundation of the projects undertaken during the December 2005 initiative by the McMaster fellow, associate fellow, and five McMaster scholars. The WATER Project has expanded beyond disciplines and beyond the boundaries of the Rio Bravo. It touches the lives of the people who live on the periphery and provides data that will aid the efforts of Programme for Belize, the nonprofit organization that oversees the RBCMA, to effectively manage the conservation area.

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