Learners and Learning in Environmental Education: a critical review of the evidence

Rickinson, Mark (2001) Learners and Learning in Environmental Education: a critical review of the evidence. Environmental Education Research, 7 (3). pp. 207-320. ISSN 1350-4622

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    Recent analyses of the ® eld of environmental education research have highlighted its rapidly expanding size and increasingly diverse nature (e.g. Hart & Nolan, 1999). This article reports on a review of a particular part of this ® eldÐ namely, recent empirical studies of learners and learning in primary or secondary school environmental education. The review focuses speci® cally on the nature and quality of the evidence generated by the work in this area. The concern with evidence is motivated by the tendency of previous reviews to focus on methodological trends more than research ® ndings. Claims have also been made that environmental education theory and research have overlooked `the children who are the subjects of environmental education’ (Payne, 1998a, p. 20). This review contends that efforts to address such shortcomings need to be informed by a thorough and grounded understanding of what studies have, and have not, been undertaken on students and learning, and what is known, and not known, from the evidence that these studies have generated.

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