Maya environmental successes and failures in the Yucatan Peninsula

Faust, Betty Bernice (2001) Maya environmental successes and failures in the Yucatan Peninsula. Environmental Science & Policy 4. pp. 153-169. ISSN 1462-901 1i01/$

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    This is a case study of environmental management by an indigenous people, the Mayas of the Yucatan Peninsula, a geographic area shared by Mexico, Belize, and northern Guatemala. The purpose is to contribute information to the debate among environnlental policy makers concerning indigenous peoples and their local knowledge. It sunmarizes recent findings that call into question older theories, often referred to in this debate. The focus is on the evidence for changes in resource use over time: the adoption and abandonment of technologies as affected by climate change and population pressures, including evidence concerning variations in the resources themselves.

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      Keywords: M aya (YucatSn Peninsula, Middle America): Indigenous peoples; Resource management; Climate change
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      (F) People and the Environment > (FA) Environmental Health
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