The environmental Impact of Colonial activity in Belize

Pemberton, Rita (2012) The environmental Impact of Colonial activity in Belize. [Other peer-reviewed publication]

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    From the activities of buccaneers, pirates, baymen, logwood, mahogany and agricultural companies, this study traces the factors which have shaped the unique culture of Belize and discusses the ways in which colonial rule has impacted in the colony’s environment. The study aims to show the forces which stimulated forest conservation policies in a colony where the lack of imperial restraints on the early settlers permitted their control of extensive acreages of forest and uncontrolled extraction of particular species of the forests. It is argued that the pattern established by the early settlers was reinforced when British imperial control was established as the land holdings of private companies engaged in mahogany and agriculture were extended. The influence of these companies impeded the successful implementation of forest conservation and facilitated the over exploitation and denudation of the forest of Belize.

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      Publisher: HALAC. Belo Horizonte
      Keywords: Belize; forest history; agriculture; mahogany
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      Publication Sources: (1) Environmental Research Institute
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