Perceptions of the Environment while Exploring the Outdoors: a case study in Belize

Emmons, Katherine. M (1997) Perceptions of the Environment while Exploring the Outdoors: a case study in Belize. Environmental Education Research, 3 (3). pp. 327-344. ISSN 1350-4622

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    In Belize, Central America, environmental education efforts are gaining ground and increasing numbers of young people are participating in them both inside and outside school. This particular study explored how a non-formal field experience in a small group of Belizean students. Too often, studies of environmental attitudes and sensitivity employ methods (such as survey) that fail to reveal how student react to and interact with the natural environment at the same time they are expose to that environment. Thus, an understanding of the formative process remains elusive. In this study the qualitative data were analyzed for their relationship with three overlapping themes: (a) sensitivity t the natural environment in general (b) attitudes towards specific animals; (c) concern and empathy. In several cases a positive change in students' perceptions could be linked to their participation in certain activities and events in the environmental education programme.

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