Zarger, Rebecca (2001) LEARNING THE ENVIRONMENT. University of Florida Inc, Florida.

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    Excerpt from field notes, April 2001 I went with Anthony1 (11 years old) and his cousin Edgar (6 years old) early in the morning right after breakfast, to check their bird traps. We wound our way through the secondary growth forest behind their house, the two boys running in between the small trees excitedly in their small black rubber boots, with me behind, trying to keep up. They were eager to find out if a bird had been caught overnight and to show me the traps they had built. There wasn’t much of a trail, but after about five minutes, we came upon a little clearing in the bush with a small wooden crate-like object on the ground. Their uncle had been helping them build the traps in the bush. . . . The boys put a little bit of corn under the traps, which are constructed like little log cabins out of a very lightweight wood. A stick is propped gingerly by the opening, lifting up one end of the box. When the bird walks inside to eat, the box falls down, trapping it. I got to try one of the little birds they caught . . . mukuy, a pigeon-like bird that walks on the ground and not unsurprisingly, tastes like a very tiny chicken. Anthony was going to check these traps at least once a day while he had them, which was for a period of three weeks or so. After that, his father suggested he take a break from trapping birds, because it might be bad luck to be greedy and keep catching more birds in that spot

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