Lepidoptera of Belize

Meerman, Jan C. (1999) Lepidoptera of Belize. [Other peer-reviewed publication]

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    Description of Belize and its Terrestrial Habitats. Belize is a small country, situated on the Caribbean coast and bordering both Mexico and Guatemala. Most of the country consist of lowland habitats but also contain the Maya Mountains (highest point 1124.m) which are isolated from other Central American Mountains ranges. Belize has a land area of 22,963 km2, and stretches from 16 degrees N to 19 degrees N and from 88 d. W to 89 D.30 D West. The northern half of the country is flat to undulating with some hill in the west that barely reach above 200m. These hills shows great afinity to the Peten area of Guatemala, while norther-eastern Belize is very similar to parts of the Yuacatn Peninsula, Mexico. The southern half of the country is characterized by the presence of the Maya Mountains which reach to an altitude of 1124m.

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