Cho-Ricketts, Leandra and Cherrington, Emil A. (2011) VALIDATION OF THE 2010 BELIZE MANGROVE COVER MAP. Technical Report.

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    Although mangrove ecosystems provide a range of services, they are endangered the world over, and are in need of large‐scale monitoring (ERI 2010, Giri et al. 2010, TNC 2010). In late 2010, an updated map of Belize’s mangrove cover (corresponding to mangrove cover for the period January‐March 2010) was generated through analysis of wall‐to‐wall coverage of satellite imagery for Central America’s northernmost nation. Based on supplementary analyses of imagery for 1980, 1989, 1994, 2000, and 2004, the study indicated that approximately 2% of mangrove cover had been lost since 1980 and that cover stood at 184,548 acres (74,684 ha) in 2010. From April‐May 2011, field surveys to validate the 2010 mangrove cover estimates were conducted across Belize, resulting in the collection of data from some 301 individual sites. The ground truth‐based validation determined an overall accuracy of 90.7% for the 2010 data, although class accuracies were 93.39% and 54.1% for mangrove and non‐mangrove cover, respectively. The Kappa statistic (KHAT) was determined to be an acceptable 0.6473. Since the determination of 2010 cover was conducted through a change detection exercise based on data from an earlier study, ‘under classification’ of mangrove ecosystems may have been caused by the previous study’s failure to classify certain areas as mangrove, particularly dwarf mangrove areas in northern Belize.

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      Publisher: Environmental Research Institute
      Keywords: Belize, mangrove, wetland, coastal zone, ground truthing, verification, validation
      Subjects: (C) Ecosystems > (CB) Marine > (CBE) Mangroves
      Publication Sources: (1) Environmental Research Institute
      Date Deposited: 05 Nov 2017 02:27
      Last Modified: 05 Nov 2017 02:27

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