Differential marking behaviour by sympatric felids in a Neotropical forest

Harmsen, Bart J. and Sanchez, Emma and Foster, Rebecca J. (2016) Differential marking behaviour by sympatric felids in a Neotropical forest. CATnews 64.

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    We studied marking behaviour of sympatric jaguars Panthera onca and pumas Puma concolor using data from 15 months of continuous camera trapping across ~ 200 km2 of secondary tropical moist broadleaf forest in Belize. We detected 32 marking events, all by adult males: 21 by jaguars and 11 by pumas. Marking behaviour differed between the two species. Pumas were only observed to scrape mark, while jaguars primarily rubbed and rolled against vegetation. Additional video data from a limited number of video camera traps suggested that the latter behavior in jaguars is an intraspecific response to spray marking. For both species, only a subset of males engaged in marking at any given location; and these males visited the marked sites more frequently than non-marking males. We found no evidence of interspecific response or counter-marking between jaguars and pumas. We hypothesise that scrape marking by pumas and spraying/rolling by jaguars functions to advertise the presence of dominant males to females.

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