Nutrition of Pinus caribaea in its native savanna habitat

Kellman, Martin and Hudson, John (1982) Nutrition of Pinus caribaea in its native savanna habitat. Plant and Soil.

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    Fertility levels in soils beneath Pinus caribaea trees were examined in the Mountain Pine Ridge savannas, Belize, where fire control has precipitated the development of pine woodland. Slight surface soil enrichment was recorded beneath pine canopies, but to levels well below those found beneath associated hardwoods. Estimates of total nutrient pools beneath trees showed modest cation accumulation beneath a 73 year old tree but some defecits in Ca and Mg beneath a 24 year old tree. A tap root cutting experiment on trees of the same species revealed no significant declines in foliar nutrient levels after 19 months. It is concluded that no pronounced long-term deterioration in soil fertility levels is developing beneath stands of P. caribaea in the savanna, although some temporary nutrient declines may exist beneath young pine stands. Atmospheric inputs are the most likely source of nutrient accretion and it is suggested that the establishment of hardwood associates with pine may enhance the rates of nutrient capture from this source.

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      Keywords: Atmosphere Calcium; Fertility; Forestry; Magnesium; Nitrogen; Nutrients; Phosphorus; Pinus Caribaea; Potassium; Savanna; sodium
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