Natural History of Mountain Pine Ridge Hidden Valley INN Belize

Means, Bruce D. (1997) Natural History of Mountain Pine Ridge Hidden Valley INN Belize. Technical Report.

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    Geologically and biologically the Maya Mountains and its subregion, Mountain Pine Ridge of Belize, are unique in Central America. The Maya Mountains and Mountain Pine Ridge are comprised of some of the oldest rocks in Central America. These are approximately 300 million-year-old metamorphic sandy and clayey rocks called the Santa Rosa Group. They once were sedimentary silts, clays, and sands that were deformed and altered by heat and pressure when molten igneous rocks welled up under them and congealed into granites that are now exposed in the middle of Mountain Pine Ridge. For at least 200 million years the basement rocks of Mountain Pine Ridge were part of the megacontinents Pangaea and Gondwanna until the Gulf of Mexico began opening. Since then, Mountain Pine Ridge may have been a true island of low-lying rocks at the edge of the developing Caribbean Sea until relatively recently, geologically, when Mountain Pine Ridge and the entire Yucatan platform began rising by tectonic activity.

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