Magnitude of Nutrient Influxes from Atmospheric Sources to a Central American Pinus caribaea Woodland

Kellman, M. and Carty, A. (1986) Magnitude of Nutrient Influxes from Atmospheric Sources to a Central American Pinus caribaea Woodland. Journal Of Applied Ecology, 23 (1). pp. 211-226.

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    The lowland pine savannas of Central America are the native habitat of Pinus caribaea Morelet, var. hondurensis, a softwood species of extreme importance in tropical forestry (Lamb 1973). The pine savannas characteristically occur upon soils of very low fertility that are derived from quartz-rich coastal alluvial deposits or deeply weathered granites (Parsons 1955; Romney 1959; Taylor 1962). Despite this low fertility, suppression of fires in these savannas for several decades has precipitated the development of a woodland of P. cariba-ea (Munro 1966; Kellman 1976), and atmospheric influxes have been identified as the most likely source of nutrients driving this woodland development (Kellman & Hudson 1982). However, there are as yet no estimates available of the magnitude of atmospheric influxes to these ecosystems, although scattered data exist for influxes elsewhere in the tropics (Kellman, Hudson & Sanmugadas 1982). Moreover, all estimates of atmospheric influx in the tropics have so far comprised only estimates of bulk precipitation (sensu Whitehead & Feth 1964) despite there being reason to suppose that filtration of aerosols by tree canopies may augment this considerably. Estimates of tree-canopy filtration in several other areas have suggested a significant augmentation from this source (White & Turner 1970; Art et al. 1974; Mayer & Ulrich 1974; Miller & Miller 1980; Lovett, Reiners & Olson 1982; Lovett & Lindberg 1984).

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