Central America Southern Pine Beetle/Fire Management Assessment

Billings, Dr. Ronald F. and Schmidtke, Paul J. (2002) Central America Southern Pine Beetle/Fire Management Assessment. Technical Report.

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    Two of the most destructive agents affecting forests in Central America are wildfires and pine bark beetles. Wildfires are a common occurrence across Central America from February through May, associated with the region’s “dry season.” By far, the majority of these fires are caused by agricultural practices. Such practices include clearing and burning forests for shifting agriculture, burning of field stubble in preparation for planting, and burning to rejuvenate pastures for cattle grazing. In recent years, it has become apparent that this high fire frequency is contributing to several environmental and socio-economic problems including insect infestations, reduced water holding capacity, and soil erosion.

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      Publisher: Dr. Ronald F. Billings and Paul J Schmidtke
      Subjects: (A) Biodiversity > (AE) Insects
      (C) Ecosystems > (CC) Terrestrial > (CCA) Broad-Leaved Forest
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