Mimetic Habit of Bats

Archer, S. (1877) Mimetic Habit of Bats. Nature, 15. p. 313.

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    In September, 1875, whilst paddling in a Dorey (dug out boat) through a narrow and dark creek leading from Belize River, Honduras, to Reid's lagoon, we disturbed a number of small bats which were clinging to the trunks and branches of the mangroves overhanging the water. These bats were about six inches in expanse and of a grey colour so exactly corresponding with that of the trees on which they settled as to be with difficulty distinguishable even at a distance of only a few feet. They invariably clung to the trunk or bough with wings expanded, and were never, so far as I noticed, suspended from the branches. I saw the same species in Black Creek of the same river in February last year clinging to the trees in a similar manner, and conclude it is the natural position of the animal when at rest

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