Belize’s Ecosystems: Threats and Challenges to Conservation in Belize

Young, Colin A. (2008) Belize’s Ecosystems: Threats and Challenges to Conservation in Belize. Tropical Conservation Science, 1 (1). pp. 18-33. ISSN 1940-0829

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    Belize, for its small size, is remarkably diverse ecologically and culturally. However, its forests and marine resources are under significant threat, mainly from high deforestation rates, improper solid waste management, rapid coastal development, increasing poverty, weak institutional and legal frameworks, and the recent discovery of sweet crude oil. Sustainable solutions to these challenges will require innovative, practical, and cost-effective strategies that involve all stakeholders and that seek to improve the socio-economic conditions of these stakeholders. Belize’s network of protected areas must be managed transparently, utilizing best management practices and informed by applied scientific research, if the biodiversity they contain is to be maintained

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