Forest dynamics and the importance of place in western Honduras

Redo, Danny and Bass, J.O. Joby and Millington, Andrew C. (2009) Forest dynamics and the importance of place in western Honduras. Applied Geography, 29. pp. 91-110.

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    Analyses of landscape change using remotely sensed satellite imagery constitute a large component of forest transition research, allowing for assessments of large areas. In the western highlands of Honduras is an area of complex forest dynamics (w45,000 ha) that has seen significant forest regeneration in recent years. However, analysis of the larger region (w500,000 ha) shows net forest loss. The comparative aspects highlight the importance of site selection and scale in forest transition analysis, a process often ignored in the land-use and land-cover change (LULCC) and forest transition literature. Results also highlight the importance of analyzing human-induced fragmentation at a variety of selected sites and a range of spatial scales, and producing quality, accurate forest cover and change maps.

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