A Manual on Integrated Farming Systems (IFS)

Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute , (CARDI) (2010) A Manual on Integrated Farming Systems (IFS). Technical Report.

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    All over the world, farmers work hard but do not make money, especially small farmers because there is very little left after they pay for all inputs (seeds, livestock breeds, fertilizers, pesticides, energy, feed, labour, etc.). The emergence of Integrated Farming Systems (IFS) has enabled us to develop a framework for an alternative development model to improve the feasibility of small sized farming operations in relation to larger ones. Integrated farming system (or integrated agriculture) is a commonly and broadly used word to explain a more integrated approach to farming as compared to monoculture approaches. It refers to agricultural systems that integrate livestock and crop production or integrate fish and livestock and may sometimes be known as Integrated Biosystems. In this system an inter-related set of enterprises used so that the “waste” from one component becomes an input for another part of the system, which reduces cost and improves production and/or income (Paper on Integrated Biosystems by Paul Harris Quoted in a Paper entitled “A Primer on Integrated Farming Systems – One Village Foundation, USA, www.onevillagefoundation.org). IFS works as a system of systems. IFS ensure that wastes from one form of agriculture become a resource for another form. Since it utilizes wastes as resources, we not only eliminate wastes but we also ensure overall increase in productivity for the whole agricultural systems. We avoid the environmental impacts caused by wastes from intensive activities such as pig farming.

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