Relationship Between Environment and Growth for Mopan Children in Belize

CROOKS, DEBORAH L. (1994) Relationship Between Environment and Growth for Mopan Children in Belize. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN BIOLOGY, 6. 571-584 .

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    The growth status (stature, weight, body mass index, arm circumference, estimated arm muscle and fat) of Mopan Maya children, ages 9-14 years, from San Antonio, Toledo, Belize, is evaluated with two objectives: (1) to identify associations between growth and factors in the household and local environment that coexist with poverty, and (2) to consider growth in relation to the distribution of national resources. One-way analyses of variance indicate significant differences among z-scores for indication of growth status by age, although the direction of the differences is not consistent. T-tests indicate boys exhibit significantly lower z-scores for weight, arm circumference and estimated arm muscle, but significantly higher z-scores for estimated arm fat than girls. Although girls suffer preschool malnutrition at twice the rate than boys, the differences may indicate later female buffering for some aspects of growth. T-tests, correlations and regression analyses indicate the importance of household socioeconomic and demographic factors for growth. Although the equations that best explain the six growth measures are not identical, they indicate the significance of SES, birth order, home environment and gender in explaining variation in the growth of San Antonio children. At the population level, growth faltering is apparent among San Antonio children compared to U.S. reference data, most likely resulting from chronic mild to moderate undernutrition. Low levels of infrastructure in Toledo District and poor access to resources for Mopan Maya in San Antonio probably contribute to the less than optimal growth status.

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