Preserving Biodiversity and Ecosystems: Catalyzing Conservation Contagion

Horwich, Robert H. and Lyon, Jonathan and Bose, Arnab and Jones, Clara B. (2012) Preserving Biodiversity and Ecosystems: Catalyzing Conservation Contagion. (Deforestation Around the World.) InTech. ISBN 978-953-51-0417-9

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    The natural world is in a chronic state of crisis and under constant threat of degradation, primarily by anthropogenic factors. In general, current conservation strategies have failed to effect long-range solutions to the rapid loss of biodiversity (Persha et al., 2011). Deforestation continues despite efforts by mainstream (top-down) conservation programs (Persha et al., 2011; Schmitt et al., 2009), and the effectiveness of large-scale protected areas has, at best, a mixed record of success (Brockington et al., 2008; Persha et al., 2011). Scientific disciplines, in particular, ecology and conservation biology, continue to emphasize threats to biodiversity (Schipper et al., 2008), to debate conservation priorities (Brooks et al., 2006), to advance unproven strategies (SSC, 2008), and to offer no more than hypothetical solutions to pressing problems (Milner-Gulland et al., 2010; Turner et al., 2007). The bulk of the scientific community remains tangential to the conservation needs of communities in habitat countries, with a critical lack of input and connectivity between the extensive scientific literature and ground-level practices (Milner-Gulland et al., 2010).

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