Linking livelihoods and sustainable tourism for parks and people in Belize

Burks, Margaret (2006) Linking livelihoods and sustainable tourism for parks and people in Belize. Technical Report.

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    Alternative livelihood intervention is a natural resource management strategy used by some parks and protected areas to achieve both environmental and socio-economic objectives. In the coastal areas of Belize and throughout the Caribbean, these strategies are often linked to the tourism industry. The Port Honduras Marine Reserve (PHMR) in southern Belize, co-managed by the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE) and the Government of Belize, oversees an alternative livelihood program aimed at decreasing fishing pressure on marine resources while increasing employment options for local fishers. The program encourages fishers to supplement or replace full-time fishing with more ecologically responsible occupations such as fly-fishing and kayaking guides. TIDE Tours, a subsidiary tour-operating business established by TIDE, facilitates the transition of fishers into these and other tourism-based occupations. In addition, it has the potential to generate funds to help support TIDE. TIDE Tours links PHMR and TIDE with the local tourism industry. Even when carefully managed to conform to nature-based or ecotourism standards, tourism is, at best, a mixed blessing for small-scale local entrepreneurs and protected area managers alike. PHMR and TIDE seek to design and implement tourism-based strategies that promote the sustainable use of marine resources and increase sound environmental stewardship. An upcoming business planning process directed at TIDE/PHMR will help by identifying appropriate tourism-based funding mechanisms that can be used in concert with conservation strategies to achieve long-term conservation and socio-economic objectives. A marketing plan developed specifically for TIDE Tours as part of the business planning process can help promote ecotourism in and around PHMR, and strengthen the link between local livelihoods and sustainable tourism.

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