Hawksbill Nest Protection at Manatee Bar, Belize 1993

Smith, Gregory W. (1993) Hawksbill Nest Protection at Manatee Bar, Belize 1993. Technical Report.

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    Between April and December 26th 1993, 105 hawksbill nests were lain at Manatee Bar. Peak nesting occurred in August. This year nesting continued into November and December, two months later than usual. Predation of eggs by predators, particularly skunks which chewed through nets, continued to be a threat to this nesting population, destroying approximately 50% of the eggs lain. Wire cages were found to successfully control predation and will be necessary yearly to protect the eggs. Hatching success of 84% and emergence success of 83% indicates this technique does not decrease numbers of hatchlings emerging from nests. Villagers from Gales Point continued to be involved and were responsible for the protection of over 5,000 hawksbill hatchlings from Manatee Bar this year.

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