Development of Food Web Models for Mangrove Channels with Aggregated Populations

Ambler, J. (2002) Development of Food Web Models for Mangrove Channels with Aggregated Populations. Technical Report.

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    The main focus of this research trip was to measure the contribution of phytoplankton to ecosystem metabolism in the Lair Channel on East Twin Caye. The following abstract to the Biennial Meeting of the Estuarine Research Federation and poster presented at the Atlantic Estuarine Research Society Spring Meeting Summarizes our results which suggests that floating algal mats, which lift off the bottom of the Lair Channel. We are analysing our ecosystem metabolism data, which includes dawn and dusk measurements of dissolved oxygen to determine NPP (dawn to dusk difference)and community respiration (dusk to dawn decrease); and experimental runs with a floating dome to measure a transfer coefficient for dissolved oxygen between the water surface and the overlaying air. In addition, we have a fifteen-day time series of dissolved oxygen measured at four depths at dusk to observe trends in ecosystem NPP. On days when dissolved oxygen concentrations were highest, they were usually highest at 1.5m, the depth closest to the bottom where the algal mats occurred. During several days, dissolved oxygen was lowest at the surface, which correlated with surface inhibition of phytoplankton observed from our light dark bottle experiments. This time series will be helpful in interpreting our dawn-dusk ecosystem metabolism measurements and also in planning the placement of in situ YSI sondes, which can measure dissolved oxygen and other variable for several days. Temperature and salinity were relatively stable during the 15-day time series, although several storms passed through. We will be correlating our data with light intensity measure at the oceanographic station at the Carrie Bow Cay dock.

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