A rare hybridization event in two common Caribbean wrasses (genus Halichoeres; family Labridae)

Yaakub, S. M. and Bellwood, D. R. and Herwerden, L. (2007) A rare hybridization event in two common Caribbean wrasses (genus Halichoeres; family Labridae). Coral Reefs, 26 (3). pp. 597-602. ISSN 0722-4028

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    Molecular tools were used to evaluate the hybrid status of a specimen with intermediate colour pattern between Halichoeres bivittatus and Halichoeres garnoti from Belize. Phylogenetic analyses of the two species, eight Halichoeres species from new and old world lineages and two outgroups showed that the study species are closely related and that H. garnoti is the maternal contributor to the putative hybrid specimen, based on partial mitochondrial COI data. Direct sequencing of Intron 1 of the nuclear ribosomal protein S7 identiWed H. bivittatus as sister to H. garnoti with the putative hybrid specimen in an intermediate position, due to heterozygosity at nucleotides alternatively Wxed in the two putative parent species. This is consistent with the hybrid status of the specimen, with parental contributions from both H. garnoti and H. bivittatus. These results, combined with no evidence of introgression between the two parent species (based on the mtDNA and the single investigated nuclear marker) and the biogeography and ecology of these species suggests that this is a rare event with minimal evolutionary implications.

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