Response of root and sediment phosphatase activity to increased nutrients and salinity

Rejmánková, Eliška and Macek, Petr (2008) Response of root and sediment phosphatase activity to increased nutrients and salinity. Biogeochemistry, 90 (2). pp. 159-169. ISSN 0168-2563

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    Wetlands of northern Belize, distributed along a salinity gradient, are strongly phosphorus limited and dominated largely by three species of emergent macrophytes: Eleocharis cellulosa, Cladium jamaicense, and Typha domingensis. We assessed changes in root and sediment phosphatase activities of each species to simultaneous changes of nutrients (N, P) and salinity in a mesocosm experiment. Phosphorus and nitrogen treatment eVects on both root and sediment phosphatase were highly signiWcant for all the species, while salinity signiWcantly aVected root phosphatase activity in Cladium only. All species showed a signiWcant negative correlation between root phosphatase activity and increasing tissue P content until a threshold of 0.2% P, 0.15% P and 0.12% P in Eleocharis, Cladium and Typha, respectively. There was also a signiWcant negative correlation between soil available P and root and sediment phosphatases in all species. Activity of root phosphatases of Eleocharis and Typha were positively correlated with root tissue N. Both root and sediment phosphatases of all three species were positively correlated with soil available N. The strongest (positive) correlation was found between phoshatase activites and N/P ratios. The results conWrmed that these systems are Plimited and that extracellular phosphatases respond to P enrichment by decreasing their activities. Expression of root phosphatase activity by dry root weight, sediment volume, or whole plant biomass gave very diVerent relative results across nutrient treatments and species, suggesting that root phosphatase activities need to be interpreted in a wider context that considers root density.

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