Collaborative Management of Protected Areas: Tailoring the Approach to the Context

Avella, E. and Herrera, A. and Boles, E. (2000) Collaborative Management of Protected Areas: Tailoring the Approach to the Context. Technical Report.

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    The term 'collaborative management' of protected areas refers to a partnership by which various stakeholders agree on sharing among themselves the management functions, rights and responsibilities for a territory or set of resources under protected status. The stakeholders primarily include the agency in charge and various associations of local residents and resource users, but can also involve non-governmental organizations, local administrations, traditional authorities, research institutions, businesses, and others. This document addresses conservation professionals - in particular governmental agency staff - interested in pursuing the collaborative management option. It offers a broad definition of the approach and provides a number of examples of how it has been specifically tailored to different contexts. General assumptions, consequences, benefits, costs and potential draw-backs of collaborative management are reviewed. A process by which an agency in charge of a protected area can pursue the approach is illustrated. The paper ends by posing a number of questions on the future of collaborative management as a viable and effective option in protected areas.

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      Keywords: priority area, environmental, protected areas, framework
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      (H) Protected Areas > (HF) Natural Monument
      (H) Protected Areas > (HG) Nature Reserve
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